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Coming Soon for Arturia Piano V2

Diva Presets - "Electronic" for Diva

Diva Presets - "Electronic" for Diva
Diva Presets - "Electronic" for Diva
Brand: VintageSynthPads
Product Code: Diva001
Availability: In Stock
Preset - - Spider and I   Play
Preset - - Music for Films   Play
Preset - - Moog Skyview   Play
Preset - - Vintage 1975 Pad   Play
Preset - - Vintage Organ   Play
Preset - - Slow Swell Pad   Play
Preset - - CS80 Pad 01   Play
Preset - - Report the Weather   Play
Preset - - Sweet Pad   Play
Preset - - CS80 Pad 02   Play
Preset - - Vintage Pad 76   Play

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Vintage Synth Pads releases, "Electronic", 170 new presets for Diva.

Presets for Diva: This collection  (170 presets) focuses on authentic old school electronic presets from the 1970s-1980s.
There are many sounds from the classic years of synthesizers that have rarely or simply not made their way into the VSTi plugin realm.
"Electronic" for Diva is a collection of sounds designed to emulate sounds heard in some of the classic recordings by Brian Eno, Vangelis, Cluster, to name a few.

Presets from "Electronic" Above.

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