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Massive Presets - The Muse for Massive

Massive Presets - The Muse for Massive
Massive Presets - The Muse for Massive
Brand: VintageSynthPads
Product Code: Muse001
Availability: In Stock
Preset - - Big Orchestral Saw   Play
Preset - - Renewal   Play
Preset - - Soft Choir   Play
Preset - - Jean Cocteau Pad   Play
Preset - - Distant Light   Play
Preset - - Lush Airways Pad   Play
Preset - - Voices in the Wind   Play
Preset - - Fripp Land   Play
Preset - - Tesla   Play
Preset - - Black and White Night   Play
Preset - - New Beginning   Play
Preset - - Jarres Witness   Play
Preset - - Industrial Night   Play
Preset - - Hidden Worlds   Play
Preset - - Oberheim Matrix Film Pad   Play
Preset - - Code Talkers   Play
Preset - - Voices   Play
Preset - - Drama Pad   Play
Preset - - Giant Chord   Play
Song - Soundtrack-Demo Track   Play
Song - Ambient-Chillout-Electronic   Play

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Presets for Massive

Presets for Massive: "The Muse" is a new collection of 111 presets for Massive.
Massive is one of the most powerful soft-synths ever made.

It excels at many things, especially atmospheres.
With this in mind, we designed this collection of presets for:
Ambient Music, Electronic Music, Film/Soundtracks, Game Design, Atmosphere and Pads.

We took full advantage of Massives sonic capabilities when designing these sounds.
With plenty of basic sounds available, we decided to pull out all the stops and tread into new territory.
The result is a collection of very sonically visual atmospheres, both organic and industrial.

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