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At Vintage Synth Pads, our focus is creating warm, fat, authentic vintage synth pads and patches for your vsti synths and plugins.

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The Juno 60 Revisited for TAL-U-NO-LX
The Juno 60 Revisited 120 Presets for TAL-U-NO-LX A handful of soft synths do a very good job ..
$24.97 $17.73
SAVE 29%
Turquoise for Waves Flow Motion
Turquoise for Flow Motion Waves Flow Motion is an odd beast. Why? Well, for one, it is an FM sy..
U-He Zebra Presets - Zebras Dream in Color Vol.2
Audio.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPoqHQ9SGt0 150 New Presets for Zebra Following..
Based on 1 reviews.
UVI Falcon Bird of Flight
UVI Falcon is one of those few synths that stands out in a saturated market of soft synths. While s..
Based on 1 reviews.
Venom Patches - X-11 for M-Audio Venom
We are proud to release "X-11" for Venom. X-11 is a new preset expansion for M-Audio Veno..
Visceral for Solina V2
Presets for Arturia Solina V Collection 6 ..
Zebra Patches - The Ambient Zebra
This collection had been on the stove for some time and is almost done, many audio examples are avai..
Based on 1 reviews.
Zebra Patches - Zebras Dream in Color
Presets for Zebra: 150+ New presets including : Atmospheres, Textures, Pads, Bass, Leads, Apegs, Key..
Based on 2 reviews.
Zebra Presets - Dream Works for Zebra
NOW AVAILABLE   http://youtu.be/4nAt_400kdo http://youtu.be/JxfH5WaRvlY http:..
Oxium Presets - Vintage Hardware for Oxium
Presets for Oxium: Vintage Hardware for Oxium is a set of 180+ new presets and patches for XILS-..
Based on 1 reviews.
The Dark Beautiful for Omnisphere 2.5
The Dark Beautiful is an exotic collection of 120 presets for Omnisphere 2.5 All Instruments ..
The Disputed Zone Vol.2 for Repro-5
"The Disputed Zone" Vol.2 111 Unique presets for U-he Repro-5 So many sound-set are tagged "Br..
Cold Fusion for Korg PolySix - Presets for Korg Polysix
Presets for Korg Polysix software   Presets for Korg Polysix: 2 New sound banks f..
Moog Memories Presets for Monark
Presets for Monark. "Moog Memories" is a collection of 108 presets for NI Monark. These ..
Righteous Rooms for Trash 2 - Presets for Trash 2
Righteous Rooms for Trash 2 180+ Awesome presets AND 30 new Impulse Responces 96kHz Expand Trash 2..
Based on 3 reviews.
Presets For omnisphere zebra diva lush
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