The History of Synthesizers - Part 1

Here is a timeline and history guide to the release and developent of the Synthesizer.

 1837 - C.G. Page (Salem. Mass) - first to produce electronically generated sound.

1885 - the first electronic musical instrument. 

1920 - Theremin invented by Lev Sergeevich Termen

1936 - The first synth using Subharmonic synthesis
1939 - The first Vocoder

1948 - First voltage-controlled synthesizer

1948 - The first sequencer

1950 - First music computer

1957 - The first digital synthesizer

1963/64 - First modular synth

1967 - Moog modular synthesizer I, II & III

1969 - Synthi VCS-3 - The first non-modular mini-synth (EMS)

        EML ElectroComp 200
        EMS VCS3
        Moog Synthesizer 1p/2p/3p
        Aries 300 Music System
        ARP 2500
        ARP Soloist
        Buchla 200 Series
        EML ElectroComp 100
        EML ElectroComp 400/401
        Moog Minimoog
        ARP 2600
        EMS Synthi 100
        EMS Synthi A
        EMS Synthi Sequencer 256
        Moog Synthesizer 10
        Wurlitzer Orbit III
        ARP Odyssey 1
        ARP Pro-Soloist
        Buchla Music Easel
        Davoli Davolisint
        EML ElectroComp 101
        EMS Synthi AKS
        EMS Synthi E
        Moog Sonic Six
        Moog Synthesizer 12
        Triadex Muse
        E-mu Modular Systems
        EML ElectroComp 500
        FBT Electronica Synther-2000
        Korg MiniKorg-700
        Logan String Melody II
        Moog Satellite
        Moog Synthesizer 15/35/55
        Roland RE-201 Space Echo
        Roland SH-1000
        Roland SH-2000
        Roland TR-66
        Yamaha GX-1
        ARP Explorer I
        ARP Solina String Ensemble
        Hammond 102200
        Korg MiniKorg-700S
        Oberheim SEM
        Roland SH-3a
        Yamaha SY-1

        Music: Eno -Here Come the Warm Jets

        Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
        ARP Axxe
        ARP Little Brother
        ARP Odyssey 2
        ARP Omni Mk 1
        ARP Solina String Synthesizer
        EMS Vocoder 2000
        Korg 900PS Preset Synthesizer
        Korg Maxi-Korg 800DV
        Korg SB-100 Synthe-Bass
        Moog Micromoog
        Moog Minitmoog
        Moog Polymoog 203a
        Moog Taurus I
        Oberheim Four Voice
        Oberheim Two Voice
        Roland System 100
        Serge Modular
        Steiner-Parker Synthacon
        Steiner-Parker SynthaSystem
        Yamaha SY-2

        Music: Eno - Another Green World

        Eno - Discreet Music
        ARP Sequencer
        EML SynKey
        Korg 770
        Korg MiniPops 35 (MP-35)
        Korg Polyphonic Ensemble P
        Korg Polyphonic Ensemble S
        Octave The Cat
        Roland RS-202 Strings
        Roland SH-5
        Roland System 700
        RSF Modular Model 11
        ARP Avatar
        ARP Pro/DGX
        Crumar Multiman-S
        Crumar Orchestrator
        EML Poly-Box
        EMS Vocoder 3000
        Korg M500 Micro-Preset
        Korg PS-3100
        Korg PS-3300
        Logan String Melody II
        Oberheim Eight Voice
        Roland GR-500
        Steiner-Parker Minicon
        Teisco Synthesizer 100F
        Wersi Bass Synthesizer
        Yamaha CS-10
        Yamaha CS-30
        Yamaha CS-50
        Yamaha CS-60
        Yamaha CS-80
        Yamaha SS30

        Music: Eno - Before and After Science
        ARP Odyssey 3
        ARP Omni Mk 2
        ARP Quadra
        Buchla Touché
        Crumar DS-2
        Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Spider
        Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Wasp
        Elka Soloist 505
        Jen Electronics SX-1000 Synthetone
        Jen Electronics SX-2000 Synthetone
        Korg MS-10
        Korg MS-20
        Korg MS-50
        Korg PS-3200
        Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer
        Korg VC-10 Vocoder
        Moog Multimoog
        Moog Polymoog Keyboard 280a
        New England Digital Synclavier
        Oberheim OB-1
        PAiA Proteus 1
        PAiA Stringz ’n’ Thingz
        Powertran Transcendent 2000
        Roland CR-68
        Roland CR-78
        Roland RS-505 Paraphonic
        Roland SH-1
        Roland SH-2
        Roland SH-7
        RSF Kobol Expander
        Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
        Yamaha CS-15
        Yamaha CS-5

        Music : Steve Reich  -  Music for 18 Musicians

        Eno - Ambient 1: Music for Airports

        Eno - Music for Films
        ARP Quartet
        Casio VL-Tone VL-1
        Crumar Performer
        E-mu Audity
        EKO EKOsynth P15
        Fairlight CMI (Series I - III)
        Farfisa Soundmaker
        Korg Delta
        Korg Lambda ES50
        Korg Rhythm 55 (KR-55)
        Korg Sigma
        Korg SM-20
        Moog Prodigy
        Moog Vocoder
        Oberheim Mini Sequencer
        Oberheim OB-X
        Roland Jupiter-4
        Roland ProMars MRS-2
        Roland RS-09
        Roland SVC-350 Vocoder
        Roland System 100m
        Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus
        Siel Orchestra
        Teisco S100P
        Yamaha CS-15D
        Yamaha CS-20m
        Yamaha CS-40m
        Yamaha SK10
        ARP Solus
        BOSS DR-55 Dr. Rhythm
        Con Brio ADS 100
        Con Brio ADS 200
        Electro Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer
        Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Caterpillar
        Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Gnat
        Kawai Synthesizer 100F
        Korg Trident
        Korg X-911
        Linn Electronics LM-1 Drum Computer
        Moog Liberation
        Moog Opus-3
        Oberheim DMX
        Oberheim OB-SX
        Roland CR-8000
        Roland Saturn 09
        Roland SH-09
        Sequential Circuits Prophet 10
        Siel Mono
        Syntauri alphaSyntauri
        Teisco Synthesizer 110F
        Vermona Synthesizer
        Yamaha SK20
        Yamaha SK30
        Yamaha SK50D
        Casio CT-101
        Casio CT-401
        E-mu Emulator
        Elka Synthex
        Kawai Synthesizer 110F
        Korg Mono/Poly
        Korg PolySix
        Moog Rogue
        Moog Source
        Moog Taurus II
        Movement MCS Drum Computer MK1
        Oberheim DSX
        Oberheim OB-Xa
        Octave The Kitten
        PPG Wave 2
        Realistic Concertmate MG-1
        Roland Jupiter-8
        Roland TR-808
        Sequential Circuits Fugue
        Sequential Circuits Pro One
        Siel Cruise
        SoundMaster Memory Rhythm SR-88
        SoundMaster Stix ST-305
        Teisco SX-400
        Yamaha CS-70m

        Music:  Manuel Göttsching  -  E2-E4
        Buchla 400 Series
        Con Brio ADS 200-R
        Crumar Stratus
        Digital Keyboards Synergy
        Formanta Polivoks
        Gleeman Pentaphonic
        Korg Poly-61
        Korg Rhythm 55 (KR-55B)
        Korg Trident mkII
        Linn Electronics LinnDrum
        Moog Memorymoog
        Oberheim DX
        Rhodes Chroma
        Roland Juno-6
        Roland Juno-60
        Roland TB-303
        Roland TR-606
        Sequential Circuits Prelude
        Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
        Sequential Circuits Prophet Remote
        Yamaha CS01
        Yamaha SY20

        Music - Eno - Ambient 4: On Land
        BOSS DR-110 Dr. Rhythm
        Crumar Spirit
        E-mu Drumulator
        Kawai SX-210
        Korg KPR-77
        Korg Poly-800
        Movement MCS Drum Computer MK2
        Oberheim OB-8
        Octave Voyetra 8
        Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar
        Roland CMU-800
        Roland CMU-810
        Roland Jupiter-6
        Roland JX-3P
        Roland MC-202
        Roland MKS-30
        Roland SH-101
        Sequential Circuits Prophet T8
        Siel Opera 6
        Siel Orchestra 2
        Synton Syrinx
        Yamaha DX1
        Yamaha DX7
        Yamaha DX9

        Music - Eno - Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks

        Eno - More Music for Films
        Akai AX80
        BOSS HC-2 Hand Clapper
        BOSS PC-2 Percussion Synthesizer
        Crumar Bit One
        E-mu Emulator II
        Ensoniq Mirage
        Kawai SX-240
        Korg EX-800
        Korg Poly-61M
        Korg RK-100
        Kurzweil K250
        Linn Electronics Linn 9000
        Oberheim Prommer
        Oberheim Xpander
        Rhodes Chroma Polaris
        Roland GR-700
        Roland Juno-106
        Roland MKS-10
        Roland MKS-80
        Roland MSQ-700
        Roland TR-909
        Sequential Circuits DrumTraks
        Sequential Circuits Max
        Sequential Circuits Six-Trak
        Siel DK600
        Siel EX600
        Teisco SX-240
        Yamaha CS01 II
        Yamaha KX5
        Yamaha TX816
        Akai S612
        Casio CZ-1000
        Casio CZ-101
        Casio CZ-5000
        Casio SK-1
        Crumar Bit 01
        Crumar Bit 99
        E-mu SP-12
        Korg DDM-110
        Korg DDM-220
        Korg DW-6000
        Korg DW-8000
        Korg EX-8000
        Korg Poly-800 mkII
        Oberheim Matrix 12
        Roland Axis
        Roland HS-60
        Roland JX-8P
        Roland TR-707
        Roland TR-727
        Sequential Circuits MultiTrak
        Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000
        Sequential Circuits Split-8
        Sequential Circuits TOM
        Siel DK70
        Siel DK80
        Yamaha DX100
        Yamaha DX21
        Yamaha DX27
        Yamaha DX5
        Yamaha ED10
        Yamaha TX7

        Eno -Thursday Afternoon
        Akai ASQ10
        Akai AX60
        Akai AX73
        Akai S900
        Akai VX90
        Akai X3700
        Akai X7000
        Casio AZ-1
        Casio CZ-1
        Casio CZ-230S
        Casio CZ-3000
        Casio RZ-1
        E-mu Emax
        Elka EK-22
        Elka EM-22
        Ensoniq ESQ-1
        Kawai K3
        Korg DDD-1
        Korg DSS-1
        Korg DVP-1
        Korg SQ-8
        Korg SQD-1
        Kurzweil K150
        Oberheim Matrix 6
        Oberheim Matrix 6R
        Oberheim OB-Xk
        Philips PMC 100
        PPG Realizer
        Roland Alpha Juno 1
        Roland Alpha Juno 2
        Roland HS-10
        Roland JX-10
        Roland MC-500
        Roland MKS-7
        Roland MKS-70
        Roland S-10
        Roland S-50
        Roland TR-505
        Sequential Circuits Prophet VS
        Siel DK700
        Yamaha DX7IID / DX7IIFD
        Yamaha FB-01
        Yamaha QX5
        Yamaha RX5
        Akai S700
        Alesis HR-16
        Alesis MMT-8
        Buchla 700 Series
        Casio FZ-1
        Casio FZ-10M
        Casio HT-3000
        E-mu Emulator III
        E-mu SP-1200
        Ensoniq ESQ-M
        Kawai K5
        Kawai K5m
        Korg 707
        Korg DDD-5
        Korg DS-8
        Korg DSM-1
        Oberheim DPX1
        Oberheim Matrix 1000
        Roland D-50
        Roland D-550
        Roland MKS-50
        Roland MT-32
        Roland S-220
        Roland S-330
        Roland S-550
        Roland TR-626
        Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000
        Sequential Circuits Studio 440
        Yamaha DX7S
        Yamaha PortaSound PSS-470
        Yamaha QX3
        Yamaha TX16W
        Yamaha TX802
        Yamaha TX81Z
        Akai MPC60
        Akai S1000
        Akai S1000 KB
        Akai S950
        Akai VX600
        Casio VZ-1
        Casio VZ-10M
        Cheetah MS-6
        Ensoniq EPS
        Ensoniq SQ-80
        Kawai K1
        Kawai K1m
        Kawai K1r
        Kawai Q-80
        Korg M1
        Kurzweil K1000
        Lync LN-4
        Roland D-10
        Roland D-110
        Roland D-20
        Roland MC-300
        Roland MC-500 mkII
        Roland PR-100
        Roland U-110
        Yamaha B200
        Yamaha DX11
        Yamaha TQ5
        Yamaha YS200
        Alesis HR-16B
        E-mu Emax II
        E-mu Proteus
        Ensoniq VFX
        Ensoniq VFX-SD
        Kawai K1ii
        Kawai K1iir
        Kawai K4
        Kawai K4r
        Kawai XD-5
        Korg M1R
        Korg M1R EX
        Roland R-8
        Roland S-770
        Roland U-20
        Roland U-220
        Studio Electronics Midimoog
        Waldorf Microwave
        Yamaha SY77
        Yamaha V50
        Akai S1100
        Alesis SR-16
        E-mu Proteus 2 Orchestral
        Ensoniq EPS-16+
        Ensoniq SD-1
        Korg Wavestation
        Roland D-70
        Roland MC-50
        Solton K160
        Yamaha SY22
        Yamaha TG33
        Yamaha TG77
        Akai MPC60 II
        Alesis D4
        E-mu Procussion
        E-mu Proteus 3 World
        Korg 01/W
        Korg 01/Wfd
        Korg 01/WproX
        Korg 01R/W
        Korg Wavestation A/D
        Korg Wavestation EX
        Kurzweil K2000
        Kurzweil K2000rs
        Oberheim Strummer
        Roland JD-800
        Roland S-750
        Yamaha RY30
        Yamaha SY99
        Ensoniq ASR-10
        Generalmusic (GEM) S2
        Generalmusic (GEM) S3
        Korg 01/Wpro
        Korg 03R/W
        Korg Wavestation SR
        PAiA Fatman
        Roland JV-80
        Roland JV-880
        Roland JW-50
        Roland MC-50 mkII
        Roland R-70
        Roland R-8 mkII
        Yamaha SY35
        Yamaha SY85
        Yamaha TG500

        Music: Orbital  -  Brown Album

        Aphex Twin  -  Selected Ambient Works 85-92
        Akai S01
        Alesis QuadraSynth
        Alesis S4
        E-mu Morpheus
        E-mu Vintage Keys
        Ensoniq TS-10 / TS-12
        Generalmusic (GEM) S2 Turbo
        Generalmusic (GEM) S2R
        Generalmusic (GEM) S3 Turbo
        Korg 05R/W
        Korg X3
        Novation Bass Station
        Roland JD-990
        Roland JV-90
        Waldorf Wave

       Music: Autechre  -  Incunabula

       F.U.S.E. (aka Richie Hawtin)  -  Dimension Intrusion
        Akai MPC3000
        Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine
        Doepfer MS-404
        E-mu ESI-32
        E-mu Proteus FX
        E-mu Vintage Keys Plus
        Image Line SimSynth
        Marion Systems MSR-2
        Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro
        Oberheim OB-Mx
        Roland JV-1080
        Roland XP-10
        Yamaha W5
        Yamaha W7

        Music: Spicelab (aka Oliver Lieb)  -  A Day On Our Planet

        Orbital  -  Snivilization

        Future Sound of London  -  Lifeforms (Disc 1)

        Plastikman  -  Musik
        Akai S2000
        Alesis QuadraSynth Plus
        Alesis S4 Plus
        Clavia Nord Lead
        Clavia Nord Rack
        Doepfer A-100
        Korg Prophecy
        Korg Trinity
        Korg X5D
        Korg X5DR
        Novation Bass Station Rack
        Quasimidi Technox
        Roland XP-50
        Yamaha QS300
        Akai S3000
        Akai S3200
        Alesis QS6
        Alesis QS7
        Alesis QS8
        Alesis QSR
        BOSS SYB-3 Bass Synthesizer
        BOSS VT-1 Voice Transformer
        E-mu Orbit 9090
        Kawai K5000
        Kawai K5000R
        Kurzweil K2500
        MAM FreeBass 383
        MAM MB 33
        Mutronics MIDI Mutator
        Novation Drum Station
        Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309
        Quasimidi Raven
        Roland JP-8000
        Roland MC-303
        Roland XP-60
        Roland XP-80
        Spectral Audio ProTone
        Technosaurus Selector
        Waldorf MiniWorks 4-Pole
        Waldorf Pulse
        Will Systems MAB-303
        Yamaha CS1x
        Yamaha QY700 Sequencer
        Yamaha SU10

        Music: DJ Shadow  -  Endtroducing…

        Sasha & John Digweed  -  Northern Exposure (Disc 1)

        Sasha & John Digweed  -  Northern Exposure (Disc 2)

        Orbital  -  In Sides

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