The Users Guide to Presets

Why buy professionally designed presets?

For the professional musician this is an important option.
Many of the presets released with soft synths may not suit the style of your particular music.

This is very common these days.
So often to the current short term trends effect what presets are released with new/old synths.

There is an art to sound design.
Just like writing a good song, sound design reflects a deeper understanding of how sound and synths work.

Presets are generally affordable so adding professionally designed presets to your synths simply expands it sonic capabilities.

We offer presets for many different synths.
Our clientele reflects the type of presets we design.

From Film and Soundtrack to Electronic music, Ambient, Pop,  VSP presets are used by many well known professional musicians world-wide.

Hear the difference. 

Presets For omnisphere zebra diva lush
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