About Us and our Presets

VintageSynthPads is the work of Zak Brunel.

Zak has worked as a professional music producer/Engineer/Musician for more then 2 decades.
His sounds/audio tools have been used by many gold and platinum recording artist.
His contribution's have been used world-wide by producers, musicians, studios, educators, Film, TV and Game soundtracks and more.

VintageSynthPads offers artist quality presets and patches.
These presets range from vintage hardware synth emulations to stunningly visual and dimensional sounds suitable for film and soundtrack.

VSP presets are not only designed to sound good, these presets are designed to "sit in the mix" adding production finesse to the mix.

There are many presets on the market, but we guarantee our presets are the results of decades of music production experience.

Checkout our audio examples and presets for:

Zebra 2
M-Audio Venom

Presets For omnisphere zebra diva lush
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