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Arturia Pigments - Atmospheric Hues


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Special! 20%

The Vintage Juno for TAL-U-NO-LX
The Vintage Juno With all the new digital synthesizers and Romplers on the market, the question a..
$24.97 $19.95
SAVE 20%

Special! 27%

Ambient TAL-U-NO-LX
Ambient TAL-U-NO-LX Some of the most long lasting Ambient music has been made on classic analog s..
$29.76 $21.76
SAVE 27%

Special! 22%

Analog Candy for TAL-U-NO-LX
Analog Candy for TAL-U-NO-LX   These days, the synth market is full of all kind of mo..
$27.98 $21.96
SAVE 22%

Special! 26%

Electric Emerald for TAL-U-NO-LX
  With all the great samplers and sample based virtual instruments available on the ..
$26.97 $19.94
SAVE 26%

Special! 29%

Gold Edition for TAL-U-NO-LX
Gold Edition for TAL-U-NO-LX Having a long relationship with vintage hardware synthesizers, the J..
$27.98 $19.96
SAVE 29%

Special! 16%

Juno Dreams for TAL-U-NO-LX
"Juno Dreams" 100 Presets for TAL-U-NO-LX http://youtu.be/KakR5VLJza0 ht..
$24.95 $20.98
SAVE 16%

Special! 33%

Premium Bliss For TAL-U-NO-LX
"Premium Bliss" For TAL-U-NO-LX When we think of vintage hardware synthesizers, the Rol..
$27.98 $18.75
SAVE 33%

Special! 20%

The Juno 60 Revisited for TAL-U-NO-LX
The Juno 60 Revisited 120 Presets for TAL-U-NO-LX A handful of soft synths do a very good job ..
$24.97 $19.98
SAVE 20%
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