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Looking Glass for Zebra 2

Looking Glass for Zebra 2
Brand: VintageSynthPads
Product Code: Glass002
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Looking Glass for Zebra 2 AND "Rhythm Monkey" for Zebrify.

When you buy Zebra 2, Zebrify is included (Zebrify is the 'effects' version of Zebra2.)
Zebrify is a great multi-effects tool, capable of some very savvy studio tricks.
This bundle includes 160 presets.

Since "Looking Glass" is our 7th Zebra sound-set, we wanted to bring something very special to the table.
First, every preset has controllers designed to add expressive musicality to the instruments. (MW, X/Y, AT, Vel, etc..)
Second, the effect mapping for each preset is extensive and sonically stellar.
Third, we designed some of our best Zebra presets yet for "Looking Glass".

The set includes:


Also included, "Rhythm Monkey" for Zebrify.











"Rhythm Monkey" was designed to be used as a send effect.
We included extensive X/Z morphing on all of these presets which allows for automating the changes with your DAW.
The last part of our video demonstrates "Rhythm Monkey" being automated on most of the tracks.
All instruments in the video are from this bundle.
The individual audio demos showcase "Rhythm Monkey" being used on individual instruments.
Starting Dry, then effected, then dry again.
"Rhythm Monkey" was designed to be used on drums and synthesizers but also sounds great on guitars and acoustic instruments.
Its like having a new multi-effect included with "Looking Glass".

The preset break down is:

"Looking Glass" - 130 Zebra 2 presets
"Rhythm Monkey" - 30 Zebrify presets

Total - 160 Presets

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