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Rhythmical for Omnisphere 2.6

Rhythmical for Omnisphere 2.6
Brand: VintageSynthPads
Product Code: omnisphere26
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Rhythmical for Omnisphere 2.6

Over the years, Omnisphere has seen some impressive updates and improvements.
This is true for the new 2.6.

The update we were most interested in was the new Arpeggiator.

Greatly Enhanced Arpeggiator
• New Pattern and Play Modes
• New Step Modifiers
• New Chord Voicings
• New Pitch Slides
• New Step Dividers
• Capture MIDI Files!

We were so impressed we made an entire soundset dedicated to the rhythmic capabilities of Omnisphere 2.6.

"Rhythmical" for Omnisphere 2.6 is not your average soundset.
It contains a massive 182 highly complex rhythms not possible with any other version of Omnisphere.
All of the 182 rhythms have been made using the new capabilities only possible with Omnisphere 2.6.
This includes over 100 multi layered rhythms, each layer having its own unique Arp and Rhythm.
This makes for one of the most complex rhythmic collections ever released.
These rhythms can be used in place of drums, can sync with tons of other plugins (drum machines, synths, etc) and are excellent inspiration for starting songs.
In fact, some are so deeply layered, they completely stand up on their own.
This is a first of its kind third party set for Omnisphere 2.6!

"Rhythmical" includes many types of Arps/Rhythms:

Airy Pulses
Melodic Passes
Chordal Movement
Relaxed Rhythms
Dream Sequences
Traditional Percussion
Multi Layered
One Note Wonders
Vocal Rhythms
Film Drama
Big Percussion

"Rhythmical" is a massive and completely unique soundset.
Get inspired....

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